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R.E.T. Drum Question

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  • R.E.T. Drum Question

    I'm looking at doing my own conversion project and I like how RET drums use real drum heads on their kits. Does anyone know where I can find more information on how the RET drums are set up? I don't have a dealer near me where I can go check them out.

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    There is some info in a RET review I did back around the end of '04 beginning of '05 when they first started putting out kits with Smartrigger cymbals. RET Review There is a pic of the underside of a RET drum that shows the crossbar, foam dampening, rim trigger, etc. There may be some additional detail in a post from around that time too.


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      That's perfect. Seems like a really simple design. I was thinking about something similar.
      Time to go part shoppin!