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acoustic cymbal conversation problem

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  • acoustic cymbal conversation problem

    Hi all,

    Today I converted an acoustic cymbal to electronic. This was my first try with diy cymbals. And I think I started from the hard step.(acoustic cymbals)

    It's a dual zone 16" alchemy ride with bow and bell.

    I fully covered the cymbal with bitumen tape. It's a not a bitumen tape actually but when I covered it fully acoustic volume is fully gone.

    http://www.tesabant.com.tr/consumer/...34/101638.htmlthis is the link of the tape i used.

    After covering it, I covered the base and playing area with 2mm rubber foam.

    But there is a problem with bow piezzo. When I hit the cymbal there is no acoustic volume but only stick noise, however the edges still vibrates and piezzo continues to triggering at a low level.

    I rised the threshold and retrigger value but this time it is not sensing fast plays even at high and low level also there is no low level plays readable also.

    When I gently hold the edge while playing there is no problem with triggering, It solves the problem.

    -what is the tickness of the bitumen tape that you are using for dampining the cymbals?

    My midi brain is megadrum. It is working great with mesh heads.

    Ps: sorry for my bad english

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    This might be a dumb question, but have you incorporated an electronic circuit to seperate the two triggers?

    Also, you mention MegaDrum, but what sort of device do you use to plug the triggers in to? Perhaps it doesn't provide for multiple trigger inputs...

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      conversation problem

      I guess its hard to get much banter out of a cymbal.


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        Originally posted by thiscocks View Post
        I guess its hard to get much banter out of a cymbal.
        Not unless you ask him about the convexities of modern day politics.

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