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good diy pics & handy tips

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  • good diy pics & handy tips

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    Good link eyefi. I see a lot of good information on that page. Anyone want to comment on this guy's methods. I see that he has isolated the piezo in between the two types of foam and then used the double-sided foam tape to attatch the whole unit to the crossbar. Has anyone tried this yet, and if so how well does it work? How about the foam that he is using? Looks like it would be very easy to obtain.
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      the guy is an electronicdrums.com member. the site sells information on building kits (i think it's $32 for lifetime membership), i'm not a member but i think the kits are tried and tested and perform well. never played on one though, just pure conjecture.

      i really liked the pipe splicing tool for making rim guard/dampening.