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Foam block atop of piezo ?

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  • Foam block atop of piezo ?

    Ok i've seen lots of threads and different opinions.

    I'm gonna attach a square piece of foam (sanding block 1" x 1" x 1 and half height) to piezo, some say dont use foam tape, some say use d sided carpet tape and just attach that to the ceramic area leaving brass edge sticky free.

    Any new input on this ? how about a tiny tiny blob of silicon on ceramic area? it sets with same consistency as the foam block ? does any of this actually have different sound results? he he

    Many thanks

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    This question is more suited for the DIY forum....attatch the foam to the ceramic side of the piezo with thin double stick tape and attatch the brass side of the piezo to the base/crossbar with double stick foam tape (I use two layers) cut to the size of the ceramic...leave the edges free to vibrate. I use 35mm piezos but 27mm will work also. A cone or pyramid shape is better if you desire PosDet and to minimize the hot spot.
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      best thing is to connect it up and experiment, try tapping it with your finger with the cone on top, then using with a variety of tape combinations. i found foam tape under the piezo disc made the sound too harsh and set off the red "peak" light on my TD-12 panel, i used 2 or 3 strips/squares of double sided sticky tape which gave the best results, though still a little too sensitive when hit hard.
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        I didn't want to commit my Roland cones to perma-stick until I had tested everything out, so I have just set the thing on top and tightened the head down. I have experimented with a variety of different foam types, none of which was adhered in any way, simply set on top and crank the head down. So far I've had no difficulty or migration and everything seens to stay in place over several weeks. Your mileage may vary...

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          so far i'm using double sided foam tape to mount the piezo to the cross bar, and a glue gun to mount the cone directly to the piezo with great success.

          i suppose its a bit permanent, and may be a bit of a hassle when the cone wears out..

          but piezos and sanding blocks are cheap enough to replace.

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