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I have decided to DIY cymbals

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  • I have decided to DIY cymbals

    First off this will be my first try on DIY cymbals...

    I am going to purchase a Sabian b8 set including

    14" Hats
    14",16",18" Crashes
    20" Ride
    10" Splash

    and possibly the Sabian b8 add-on pack including

    12" Splash
    18" China

    That's $400 + another $75-$100 for pvc dampening, jacks, project boxes, piezos etc, double-sided tape, etc.

    For $400 is there a better value for the number of cymbals? (this is cheaper than a single VH-12!)

    I have everything else already to do the A to E on the cymbals when I get them except for chokes. I will worry about that after I am comfortable with proper triggering.

    Also I already have the pvc dampening sheet in my basket over at mcmaster-carr. Anyone know the part number for the cymbal edging? Is is polyurethene tubing? What about for the hats? In addition I bought some double sided tape(for the underside pvc), but I was concerned about wanting to remove it later.
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    If your concern is removing the tape to "restore" the cymbal to an acoustic cymbal, keep in mind that you will have drill holes in the cymbal too. That is actually not the end of the world since drilled holes tend not to crack, etc. But certainly, you won't be able to return a converted A-cymbal back into new condition.

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      I am not as concerned about the holes. I would be more concerned with any residue left behind. That's why I wanted to know which tape at mcmaster I should get. Keep in mind, I am most concerned with a good hold. Removal would be secondary.

      No one replied about the tubing, but I think I'm going to get the clear pvc 3/16" ID, 5/16 OD" for cymbal edges. This might even work well on the drum rims. Part Number 5233K53 (Masterkleer PVC Tubing).


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        mm...tell us how it continue... keith rapper circuit perhaps?what choking system?

        your work will be interesting for me;cheer up!