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Variable Hi-Hat Controller Question

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  • Variable Hi-Hat Controller Question

    Hi all,

    Big time newb here. Tried searching but I couldn't find any posts on this question:

    I want to make a variable hi-hat controller box to fit on an acoustic hi-hat stand (the Beatnik method using a slide pot). Does anyone know if this type of controller will work with a Yamaha DTXplorer module? If so, with what resistance?

    If its no good I'll cut off the pedal like others have done and attach the stock controller pedal, but I'd rather save the acoustic stand for when I eventually upgrade to a better module. Thanks in advance!

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    Or you could buy a cheap HH stand and do the cut-off thing.

    The slide pot box works, but I don't think as well as a stock foot controller.

    As to your question about the Yammie module.. not sure to many people around here use those, although a few do. But you may want to check out one of the Yammie forums.

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      Thanks. Yeah, I'll check out some Yamaha-specific forums too.

      I'll probably just try to find a cheap stand and cut it up like you suggest.