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Building Keith Raper's Circuit

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  • Originally posted by distansia View Post
    Hi Keith, unfortunately the problem remains, hoping it may be usefull a jpg of my pbc:


    and a short video of my TD-6 module in action with the original and the last suggested scheme of the splitter :

    Now for the thread resurrection of the century! Did you ever figure this out?

    I have the Roland TD-10 exp, and I am using this circuit to split port 12 (Aux2) for my splash and china. I get the same triggering issue as you, however I also had the china cut short as if it were choked, so I placed a diode between VR1 (the 100k trim pot) and D1(at the loop) so that it keeps the flow going and doesn't bleed back. That stopped the choking misfire sound, but instead, I simply don't get any trigger when I would have gotten that. It cleaned it up, but I have to figure out how to get the voltage right to always route it correctly.

    Any thoughts on this?


    • I also changed VR1 to a 330k resistor, and added a 330k resistor after D2. While it works a lot better for Roland now, I think what I need to do is move the resistor before D2 to step down voltage, and then replace D2 with a diode that has somewhere between a .7 to 1 millivolt threshold. I think that is what the switch is looking for.


      • Originally posted by MrSamurai View Post
        That's probably the route I'll be going (not choking the bell). So this diagram accurately explain what I need to do (minus the extra KR circuit connected to the bell), right?

        let me add the diagram!

        Actually, this is what I want more, right?
        this is for Roland 3 zone ride ?


        • this is for Roland 3 zone ride ?
          Is someone has been already able to get a cymbal to work good with a Keith Raper circuit ? I'm not sure
          This circuit was successfully used to plug two toms into one Piezo/siwtch input. But the crosstalk in a ride cymbal is so important that it's almost impossible to get good separation of edge, bow and bell.


          • i need make 2 PP to PS circuit or just 1 ? if i have 2 jack stereo


            • Originally posted by MaXXXemo View Post
              i need make 2 PP to PS circuit or just 1 ? if i have 2 jack stereo
              A three zone ride needs two


              • Hi!

                On a three zone ride implementation you normally need one piezo2switch converter - if the cymbal is of the type: piezo for bow/piezo for bell/switch for edge kind of implementation.

                The bell Piezo needs to be converted to switch and the KRC implementation will do this just perfect. The sensitivity potentiometer can be used to isolate the cross talk. If you also connect the converted bell switch with a 10k resistor with the edge can use Yamaha 3zone implementation input over a trs cable.

                I have for some time been working on a couple of modules (by kind of approval by Keith) to be sold under the Zourman brand.

                I will be manufacturing both a single and dual type of P2S module.


                Best Regards

                Anders /
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                • Nice thx for the reply guys


                  • work perfect ! thx keith for this!
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