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    Originally posted by JmanWord
    Another supplier of Electronics, jacks, plugs.... etc. etc. Very reasonable prices...
    I have to back this up - I have had great experiences with AllElectronics: Highly recommended from me

    EDIT: And here is a quarter inch stereo jack from Allelectronics too. Steller price...
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      +--- 1/4" Jacks/Plugs -------
      Electronic Goldmine
      1/4" Stereo Jack

      +--- Piezos -------
      2" Piezo

      +--- Cables -------

      +--- Foam -------
      Foam Column
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        posible foam cutter

        I found BOSCH FOAM CUTTERwhilst snooping around...I think I could DIY a blade guide for my saw from looking at it
        chris :D


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          Another DIY dedicated site...


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            DIY Drums

            DIY Hi Hat
            [URL=][B][COLOR=Navy]DIY Drums[/COLOR][/B][/URL][COLOR=Blue].......[/COLOR][URL=][B][COLOR=Navy]Custom Cabs [/COLOR][/B][/URL][COLOR=Blue].......[/COLOR][URL=][B][COLOR=Navy]DIY Hi Hat[/COLOR][/B] [/URL]


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              Originally posted by mike323
              EDIT: And here is a quarter inch stereo jack from Allelectronics too. Steller price...

              Shouldn't there be a small nut that screws on those threads so you can put it through a hole and screw the nut in after it?


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                Originally posted by .:On The Rock:.
                Shouldn't there be a small nut that screws on those threads so you can put it through a hole and screw the nut in after it?
                Oh. Never saw this reply. Sorry.

                I have purchased over 40 of these and they do have a nut. I think the remove it for the picture.

                Another link, this makes for great triggers:


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                  Here's a place to buy acrylic shells custom made. Supplier to Pintech he claims. Guy's name is Ray
                  COOL ACRYLIC SHELLS
                  chris :D


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                    Good tom source!

                    Greetings, all --

                    I've been lurking here forever, but I'm finally coming out from behind the shrubbery to post! I've been inspired to try a DIY set and wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences, good and bad, with assembling their own triggers. I have my cones and piezos on order and am hitting HD this weekend for crossbar materials.

                    But my main reason for posting is to let folks know where I got my toms that I'll be chopping up. If you search for Sonor tom(s) on eBay you'll find a guy that Animal referenced earlier in this thread. Not only does he offer brand new 12" (and once in a while other sizes) toms in various colors for 29 bucks, he also uses the "Best Offer" feature. I bid 20 bucks each for two cherry red 2001 toms and he bit. Of course, I had to pay 12 bucks each for shipping, but $32 each for brand new, great looking drums felt like a bargain to me.

                    I'll keep y'all appraised of my progress as I go. Can't wait to post pics of my plain Jane TD-6V's transformation to a drool-worthy all-mesh hottie.

                    Thanks again to this amazing group!!


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                      I am not sure this belongs here exactly but here is a link to Reliable Hardware. They actually supply Roland on a lot of hardware. We have a member here, gbienz, that works there.


                      Here is their catalog
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                        Having problems with the first link in the first post (Beatnitz or whatever the name is :P My short term memory has failed me again!)... Anyone got a correction or anything to the address?


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                          I think Roland had him "whacked" Have not seen from him in quite some time

                          here's a mirror of his site.
                          chris :D


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                            Here's a good link for anyone looking for a good deal on shells and hardware.
                            I just ordered some shells with hardware with all the beading and drilling done in shop. The guy that helped me John(owner?) was real helpful. I ordered 1 8X12 shell and 1 10X12 shell. He's gonna cut them in half and mount the lugs and stuff for me. All for around $200. That's 4 new drums with hoops,lugs, and tension rods. I think that's a great deal. Now the tom triggers will look like a set instead of tracking down small orphan toms on ebay. Anyway take a gander.

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                              There is a lot of great links in this thread.

                              I would like to add this one

                              If you want to buy hoops with the rubber on them already for a good price, try this guy.

                              From his site:
                              This is a Gibraltar 2.3mm heavy-duty chrome drum steel Power Hoop for toms and snare drums, with a heavy duty Rubber protective cover that will stop those un-wanted clicks & also save your sticks.
                              These are great for you E-Drummers too.

                              At $10.99 that's hard to beat.


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                                My DIY Electronic Drums

                                Just want to say is a great site and learned every thing here on how to convert my drum kit.

                                Here is a link to how I did it.

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                                MY DIY Drums