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Best mesh heads 2023

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    Originally posted by Aka Wayne View Post

    I've used drumtec real feel, Roland 2 ply and go edrum and a black hart head. The drum tec feels and triggers nice on the snare using the edrumin. The Roland feels a little more bouncy on the snare but triggers really well with her edrumin so I just switched to that for my snare. I love the goedrum ones for toms. I don't need PS and they are definitely sensitive enough, and the feel great. They are a bit loud but not too loud at all for my basement drum room. In fact I think they sound pretty good with regular resonant heads on my vintage tama imperialstar. I can't speak for the new pro drumtec version but they sound similar to goedrums although goedrum are not at all transparent.
    I didn’t find the Drum-tec pro that transparent. It’s a really thick one ply. However the noise makes it completely unusable, it’s really loud.

    Sounds like what you are describing is the same type of mesh head if it’s louder than the three ply. It’s basically not an edrum head, more like semi acoustic.