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My personal DIY 3d prints parts drums, return after 15 year without playing.

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    I bought an 8 "tom tama to complete the kit and luckily it is 95% the same color as the millennium model, it is almost not visible, so I will start to draw the support for the side trigger in 3d

    the colors of the nikon are the most faithful
    nikone z6


    mesh head comparison acoustic head rebound

    I also bought the thomann seat which is 100x better than my Pearl seat which hurt my ass, the one so comfortable!

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      I modified my bass drum, I had the skin all the time which softens over time and I had an old yamaha tp65 pad, I designed a support 3D to be able to mount it on an alu20x20 profile, I have of juster to cut a little the back of the cover so that it fits perfectly and now it's day and night! The silent skin is in front of the pad

      Before :

      After :

      I also changed the orientation of the 20x20 aluminum profile so that the disc / pad is in the correct position of the bat
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