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Poron foam as a direct hand percussion surface?

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  • Sylv1co

    This pad seems to have a kind of Poron, but hard to say it for sure.

    I would search also for some silicone sheets instead of poron.

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  • danjcla
    started a topic Poron foam as a direct hand percussion surface?

    Poron foam as a direct hand percussion surface?

    I'm leaning towards doing hand percussion - sticks just feel super-awkward to me - but the Yamaha DD-55 pads are super-unforgiving, basically just like hitting plastic.

    I'm thinking of attaching Poron foam circles on top of the pads, but I know this isn't the way Poron is usually used.

    Do people think Poron would:
    (a) reduce the chance of hand injury?
    (b) stand up to use as a direct hand percussion drumhead?
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