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I need help for my DIY snare trigger project

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  • I need help for my DIY snare trigger project

    I want to make a DIY snare trigger like what sylv1co did: Basically, this is a 4 zone snare trigger with positional sensing and I would want to add an electronic clutch like what gear drum does;

    I love the v drum tips snare trigger design;, but the problem is that I don't know where to buy the material he is using in his video. I live in canada and I can't find any metal cut services or any extension screw like he was using. Do you know where I can find these things? The aluminium discs are not my principal problem because I can just buy an aluminium sheet and cut it bye myself, but if you know any metal cutting service in in canada or in the United States similar to that;, it would be very useful. Or If you have any idea of how I can attach my metal plate in the center and get the best triggering result....

    Thank you