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    Hi newbie question. Anyone in UK purchased DIY gear from Sylvain Dubuc t/a quartzpercussions? I’m wondering in addition to shipping what other additional taxes / import duties may be required? Many thanks

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    Anything over 15 in declared value from non-EU country will attract VAT at 20%. You'll also be charged 8 ish processing/collection fee by the Post Office (maybe more from other couriers).

    What you looking for?
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      I’m looking at a COVID lockdown/ winter season project to up cycle and convert some new e-drum life into a few old acoustic shells. Nothing too expensive so spares repairs off eBay + diy trigger kits + mesh heads and a TD9 module I think. Low noise cymbal conversion too. Picking up some cheap used HW along the way. So the interest is in suppliers of bits I need outside of uk if cheaper but looking at the total cost if additional costs are to be budgeted for. There is a tremendous amount of quality advice on here from what seems to be a great e-drum family. I’ve been an acoustic player all my life but have always wanted to have a go at building a conversion kit. Welcome your comments and thanks for taking the time to read and respond.