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  • Another Isolation Platform build

    So , after having The ATV ES 5 for a few weeks it's gotten to that stage where the wife is becoming less and less tolerant of thumping through the ceiling and my drumming time is getting severely curtailed. Sadly my room of choice to play in is a spare bedroom straight above the living room. { No options of playing downstairs }

    Good news is that 3 of the walls are block and the only stud wall goes to another unused bedroom next door ( also above the living room} . Bad news is the floor is standard 9 x2 joists with 19mm caber deck and there is zero insulation in the void.

    Despite initial , "yeah i'm going to do this belt and braces from the start" , the realisation of the work involved in pulling up the floor means i'm trying easier to implement improvements first.

    First step is an isolation platform as i must admit the kick drum through the floor was unbearably loud.

    I looked at several designs , had some materials on hand so decided to knock something up . I used a 6x4 platform , 6ft is plenty wide enough and 4 ft deep is just enough . I figured i could build a stool platform if it was too narrow but it seems ok at the moment.

    I screwed together 3 layers of 19mm wpb hardwood faced ply ( i know its not cheap but i had it already ) . a full sheet top , offcuts in the middle , full sheet on bottom. used a lot of screws rather than glueing as it weighs about 90kg and future removal from the house if required will be a lot easier if i can disassemble it . It seems a pretty solid slab.

    I bought a pack of acoustic slabs 100x50x 1200mm long off eBay . which were marketed as a kit for making a drum riser from Advanced Acoustics . Density of the foam is 80 kg per metre cubed. Was a bit of an impulse buy , probably wasn't the optimum choice. I've got 10 slabs but assuming you need some compression i used just 4 .

    So set it up and put a rug on top . It has reduced the thump downstairs noticeably but there is still a bit of impact noise.

    Was it the right choice to just use the 4 platforms and not all of them ? I'm thinking the extra foams would have maybe spread the impact or insulated some noise but was worried that there wouldn't have been enough compression in the foam to do their job.

    Another thought was would the platform have worked better if i had used a rockwool slab underneath instead ? i have some rw3 which i think is 60 kg per m . The " Glens riser" design on the john sayers recording forum site seems to me the most commonly quoted design and that uses rockwool . Extra problems of encasing the rockwool to stop fibres floating about.

    I've now ordered Sylomer squares from R Drums in Germany and planning to add another ply sheet on top of what i'm using now isolated with the Sylomer. So in effect building the vdrums tips riser on top of what i've already got .

    I'm thinking this is as much as i can do without pulling up the floor and also wondering how much difference just filling up the floor cavity between the joists with Rock wool would make ?

    Looking at the Sayers Forum full on sound insulation would cost an absolute fortune , so i won't be going that route. I think it would be easier to build a garden shed man- cave . But that's still a bit of work and i'd rather play inside the house if possible.