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Underside cymbal lights

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  • Underside cymbal lights

    Hello there, I've seen the these awesome lights but I don't want to change my cymbals or buy unnecessary extras just to light up the underside of the cymbals.

    The light effect is awesome on the Avedis Zildjian Gen16 Electric Cymbals.



    Please tell me there is something like that just with the light?!

    Otherwise, has anyone made anything like this that is mains powered and can connect up to o 8 cymbals?
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    Added photos.


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      You could easily rig something up with EL wire. 410-00.jpg


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        Hey Joey, thanks for your reply. It's workable but I'm not sure it is bright enough nor would the finish be very clean/cannot be connected to mains?

        If this has to be DIY, looking at the shape of the Zildjian offering, it reminds me of a scooter or inline skate wheel. I'm wondering whether it is either possible to permanently trigger the LEDs that come on when the wheel is spun or the rubber and spoke can be disassembled to drill holes inside the rubber from within for LEDs at regular intervals. I want a really a clean finish that looks as much like the z lights as possible.