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Setting up TD17 with A2E kit

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  • Setting up TD17 with A2E kit

    Has anyone any experience of how to set up the TD17 with A2E drum kit, do you just select the closest size Roland pad for example.

    Ive just picked up a second hand TD17 to replace the DM10 I started with. I mulled over xd3’s, td9,11 & 15’s but found a 17 for a cracking price.
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    A2E fusion kit with Jobeky dual triggers, A2E low volume cymbals with TD17 module.

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    I have a TD-17 with an a2e.
    I had similar questions.

    My kit is a standard 14" snare, 12", 13" and 16" toms and 22" bass drum, (plus a roland PD120). The heads are Drum-tec design and triggers are Jobeky.Then I used the drumtec trigger recommendations as reference to start with.
    The main reason I used this document was to choose the pad types and to have a rough parameter.
    I had really good results straight away (which I was not exactly expecting to be that easy). I had to change the settings a bit though.

    Maybe you can give it a try:

    Then once I configured with the drum-tec recommendations, I started testing the sensitivity and threshold, hitting the lowest possible hits I would play, followed by the hardest ones. I had to adjust the sensitivity just a bit. Then I went for the consistency test by hitting the pads multiple times with the same "strenght" and check if the velocity was consistent.
    I don't recall having to work with mask time nor the xtalk cancel in my case if I recall. So they probably are similar to the drumtec.

    For the cymbals, I have a jobeky one. I just used their recommendations, and changed a bit the sensitivity.

    I hope this helps a bit to shorten the settings effort for you.
    Ronaldo B.


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      Cheers mate, that will help a lot... are you happy with how everything is sounding now?
      A2E fusion kit with Jobeky dual triggers, A2E low volume cymbals with TD17 module.


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        Yep, definitively.

        I still have to improve the settings a bit, but overall I am happy. I also use the Drumtec live edition that came with the module.

        One small issue I am having relates to the cymbals. When I hit both crashes in the edge and in low velocity I get the bow sound. If I hit on velocities greater than 35 - 40, then it triggers the edge properly. I thought this could be the related to the LV cymbal, but this happens with the CY13R too (as a crash) so it got to be the settings or how it is built.
        I have to spend some more time. Maybe a different type of pad and then mess with the trigger settings. I will probably check during the weekend or next week more carefully.
        Another thing is that the rim trigger on the snare is not 100% (not so consistent as I wished), but this is pretty common and it is almost 100% for me. I will also play a bit with the settings and see how I can improve it (gain, head/rim adj, etc).

        Ronaldo B.