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  • Drum riser build

    I'm not sure if this should be in DYI or Live Performance so am posting it in both.

    I've been thinking of building a 7'x7' riser that would be on casters in my studio and the removable and foldable top wouldl serve as the top platform for a gigging riser using 5 gallon buckets for the understory. You can see 5 gallon bucket version that inspired me here-

    The studio version would be built solidly out of 3/4" ply somewhere about 12" tall or so with a ply skirt and cross bracing and possibly drawers built in the sides for all my extra gear.
    The gigging version would be much like the link above using the top folded with the bucket tops permanently screwed in. The cross bracing in the studio version would be set so they don't interfere with the bucket tops.

    My concern is the QSC KS212C subwoofer that will be sitting on top of the platform for both uses. I don't want either superstructure underneath it to turn into a boom box. The reason I chose the KC212C is that it's a cardioid sub that throws most of the bass out to the front so I can play in tight spaces with as little boominess as possible. Do I have reason for that concern or will the cardioid effect eliminate any boominess? You can see where I place the sub in the attached pics.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
    Michael IMG-2473.jpgIMG-2470.jpgIMG-2472.jpg