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Butt Kicker on an e-Kit?

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  • Butt Kicker on an e-Kit?

    Is anyone using a "Butt Kicker" with their e-kit? Can these be silently triggered? I've never used one but have played kits with these and it seems like a fun upgrade to put on my someday list.

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    Silently triggered yes.

    A forum search will come up with previous posts.

    Put a Porter and Davies on your someday list.
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      Porter and Davies is absolutely the flagship solution for adding a tactile bass feel through your drum throne in one clean integrated system.

      Using a Butt kicker transducer is a much lower cost way of gaining this tactile feedback in a consumer friendly package.

      Understanding the difference in this tactile performance is the key to justifying the cost of these systems really - as it's not immediately obvious what makes a good transducer, or why it should matter for drummers.

      I noticed you posted in the DIY section though, I wonder, is there a way to get close to Porter and Davies levels of performance for less?
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        Thanks all, i'll take a look at the Porter and Davies option too,

        I probably shouldn't have put this in DIY now that you say it. I don't know how to DIY the transducer but i'm open to it. I was thinking you might have to diy mod the transducer to get it to work well with e-kit.


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          You can actually DIY it using an old speaker. Google 'DIY tactile transducer' and you'll see how it's done. I intend to try it some day myself.

          At the complete opposite end of the spectrum price- and probably performance-wise compared to the Porter and Davies, but there's a thread here about a functional DIY option: