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Converting Remo Practice Pad using KD-8

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  • Converting Remo Practice Pad using KD-8

    I have a spare KD-8 and was wondering if I would be able to rip out the insides and just put them in an old Remo practice pad for a bass drum pad. Would this work or would there be any problems I'd need to deal with? (Besides a mesh head not fitting and a stand)
    Would it be better to use the cone from KD-8 or just put the piezo under the practice pad foam?
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    if you sandwich piezo between 2 thin layers of foam, and if it can't shift position.. but making those practice pads 'triggered' won't
    make them 'great' pads .. (and there's not much depth to work with..)
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      Just bought a cheap "16 acoustic bass drum instead and more easy to convert it.
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