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Vague DIY Pad question.

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  • Vague DIY Pad question.

    Hey all
    I'm working on my DIY pads in one area and testing with a TD-9 module then taking them to my kit and testing on my TD-50 module and they're just not transferring well. The pad triggers great on the TD-9 but poorly on the TD-50, even though I tried it with the exact same settings as on the TD-9. Hits are just randomly triggering both head and rim. Anyone have any idea why this might be and what to work on? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
    NOTE: I just tried it with only the head trigger hooked up (Red to sleeve and black to tip) and it is STILL randomly triggering the head and rim sounds on the TD-50. How can the head be triggering the rim sound when only the head is hooked up? Thanks again!
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    with a good stereo cable/ analog pad, maybe alter the 'rim gain'
    or experiment with some pad types
    ps. with some pad types (pd125, 128) you might? also get the 'rim adjust' value (read up on that too then)
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