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  • TRS Cable adapter/extension

    Hi. Can someone please help me. I want to use two modules, a Roland TD-27 and an Alesis Strike. I do not want to use cable or pad splitters because I need to hit pads simultaneously and have more than a single zone. As the TD-27 uses a cable snake and the Strike uses separate TRS cables, I’d like to plug all my Roland cables from the pads and cymbals into double 1/4” jacks (see crude photo). That way, I could more easily change between modules right at my seat, rather than climb up under my pads to disconnect. Is there a jack like this? If so I can’t find one. Does anyone have a better suggestion? I really don’t want to disconnect and reconnect at each pad if possible.

    thanks so much for any help y’all could give. This has been bugging me for a while! I’m new here and never seem to get notices when my forum posts are responded to and I often can’t find my post to check for responses! So if you don’t get a thank you from me it’s because I’m clueless! But seriously, I should be able to find this post to check for responses. THANKS!

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    something like this?


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      Originally posted by tivi View Post

      looks great! I never found any that short! Thanks so much!


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        Unfortunately, Tivi, it turns out that cord is not gonna do it for me. But thanks for trying to help!