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Input needed for a special triggers

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  • Input needed for a special triggers

    This is a topic that has been discussed a thousand times, but I haven't been able to find anything to satisfy the particular questions I have floating in my head. This seemed to be the most appropriate place to ask. I want to build a foot operated set of triggers to be used while playing guitar. I've narrowed my search down to Roland TM-1 or TM-2 due to size and the ability to use my own samples.

    The main thing here is that I want to be able to play while standing up. The basic principle of building piezo trigger pads feels clear to me. There is a pretty cool video on youtube from a guy who built 4 plywood pads that he taps with his feet while playing guitar or whatever. The main idea I have for this project is that would it be possible to build big enough plywood "pads" to actually stand on? I could stand on the pads and stomp as needed. The main problem I see here is isolating the piezo so that the floor itself doesn't trigger the sound. I have no previous experience in drum pads or even normal drums so I don't know if it's possible to make a pad like this that doesn't trigger from just adjusting my stance while standing on them.

    Any input on the matter from people that are actually experienced in building their own triggers would be greatly appreciated. I'm quite the tinkerer when it comes to making something work, but I don't want to shell out several hundred of my gold coins if there are some clear flaws in my idea or something that I have overlooked completely.

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    Piezos are so cheap (0.50 in the UK for example), buy some and try out some ideas.

    You'd need to isolate the pads as best you could, then use the crosstalk features in the module to tweak.

    But you could create something for $10 as a testbed
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      If DIY is not a problem, follow electro's suggestion and go to town with your own design.

      if one is DIY challenged, there's a little device called MIDI Expression that let's you hook up any kind of pedal, from more expensive FSR based to cheap simple switch pedals, and gives you a whole new world of triggering with those pedals. No crosstalk adjustments needed.
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        DIY or just trying things out until it works isn't a problem. My inexperience in this area is. I guess what I really wanted to know is that does this sound like something that will definately not work? Is building basic piezo triggers really that simple?

        What I'm mostly worried is that standing on a big plywood plate is just going to wildly trigger random samples every time I shift my toes a couple millimeters.