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Metal discs in all sizes from the shelve ?

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  • Metal discs in all sizes from the shelve ?

    i want to go DIY and decided to try it with multi triggers near the side of the drum (ATV style).
    To convert an acoustic drum it would be great to have those metal discs in usual sizes (8" 10" 14"). Is there a seller out there?
    If they would come with the angles to install them on the inside of the bracket screws it would be great also.
    electronic and piezo installment should not be a big problem.


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    I am also looking for things like that.....couldnt find anything so far. There are cakepans that are available in different sizes. But these seem to be pretty loud. Also to fit into your shells the sizes shouldnt be 8" 10" 14" but smaller. Maybe by one inch.


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      When converting my drums kit, I thought in doing in this way. At the time, I found a perforated metal sheet, which was rounded. Maybe this is an option if you find one.
      I ended up doing on a different way though, with side mounted triggers, and the snare trigger came with the bar mount.
      Ronaldo B.


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        Found these pizza separators with different sizes, i havent tried them yet.


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          Did you check for online Services, which do lasercut as you require? I ordered some many years ago, but it wasn't that expensive as expected (in Germany).

          In addition, with a jigsaw and a special blade for Aluminium, you can cut it almost like would <- wood ( edit)

          I'm also preparing to build side mount.
          I use a DrumitFive currently. So I use 1 internal Trigger, but I want to prepare, that I can easily upgrade to 3 side-mounts.

          Like you, I would also use a disc and place the Rim Trigger in the middle of the disc, because from this central Position Rim response should be even.
          I am wondering, why ATV use ring instand of a disc.

          Which disc thickness do you plan? I thought about 3mm for snare&Toms an 5mm for bass.

          Cheers, Frank
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            These guys will cut a metal ring and ship it to you... They’re based in the states, and are a bit expensive, but do good work...

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