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open e-drum - rim trigger problem

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  • open e-drum - rim trigger problem


    maybe some of you know the open e-drums project. For those who not - Open e-drums is a project where 3d files for e-drum pads are provided. One can print the parts an but the pad together with some screws. They actually look very functtional. The only thing else which is needed is a meshhead.

    I printed a 12" inch pad which I want to use as a snare drum, but i have got some problems with the triggering. I'm using an edrumin and a VST.

    The problem is that I have way to much signal from the rim trigger. Every time I hit the pad the hit is interpreted as a rimshot. I tried to decouple the mesh trigger with some foam underneath the piezo (because I thought that the energy is transfered to the shell of the pad) but the result was that I had less head triggering but not less rim triggering.

    When I look at all the pictures of DIY e-drums I recognize that the rim trigger ist directly mounted to the shell and the head trigger ist mounted on a small plateau above the rim trigger. I did it exactly like this. And the problem is not that I have too less head trigger - in my opinion I have too much rim trigger.

    Has anyone had a similar problem or any idea how i can fix this?