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  • DIY Drum Lights

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, although a long time V Drum player. Just sharing my take on drum lights. Total will cost less than $50 in parts and took maybe two hours. Parts used are in the video description.

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    Cool... I’ve always appreciated the visual impact of lighted kits, but for me it’s a little out of my realm.

    For $50 I’m sure there’s a good amount of people who would appreciate a simple and low cost solution for a little extra stage pop. Please share any lessons learned along the way.
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      mesmerizing .. the snare is feeling discriminated..
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        After a few days playing with them, I have to admit, they make me smile.


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          Going further, there is the possibility to use a piezo to trigger the lights in each piece. Even cymbals (putting a small LED underneath the cymbal - in the holder -, facing upwards).
          This might be useful for tutorial videos and lessons, which can show clearly what is being hit. In this case, maybe a less intense ones
          Ronaldo B.