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Sylomer platform but less wobbly?

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  • Sylomer platform but less wobbly?

    I've been looking into investing in a sylomer platform but I'm a bit skeptical about the wobbliness. Even though it's claimed to be more stable than tennis ball platforms (is it?), based on some videos I've seen it still seems to wobble noticeably. Most people seem to go with the SR11 pads, but I was wondering if there was a way to make the platform more stable, at the cost of mildly reduced shock absorption of course. Would it really be that catastrophic for its effectiveness if I put fewer pads (like 1 less than what my calculations say)? I'm also not sure how the effect would change if I went the other way and put harder pads like the SR28. Does anyone have experience with fiddling with sylomer? Ideally I would make something that could be "upgraded" at some point in the future if I end up needing more shock absorption without selling all the older pads.
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