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DIY super cheap VH-11 anti spin device

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  • DIY super cheap VH-11 anti spin device

    I have a vh-11 hi hat and i like to use a drop clutch with it but because of this you can only tighten the clutch itself to the rod so the cymbal just spins freely and before you start typing just tighten the rod that does not work if you have a drop clutch it only works if the cymbal is connected to the rod like in a normal set up but as i said before with a drop clutch the cymbal spins. Yes i know about the tama foot clutch but that costs $300 in canada where i live and i use pearl pedals anyways. I also saw some clutch adapter for roland cymbals a while back someone was selling for $60 but to me that's too much for what it does and my solution was basically free.

    This is actually the 4th version of this ,the 1st one i made awhile back and posted here,it used 1 of my rack clamps a binder clip and a drumstick and worked pretty well but in a later setup i needed that clamp for my 13 inch tom so i took it apart and for a while used my vh-11 like normal with no clutch but found i missed having the clutch so i made another version that used hair elastics and velcro straps but that didn't work too well so in the next version i used a pencil but it was too short so i tied to to a drumstick with hair elastics and to rack ,that was good but wobbled too much so in this final version i used a chopstick with a square handle so it rests nicely against the rack and is held on by 2 hair elastics and i have the binder clip on the cymbal and this setup works perfect.

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