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DIY Side-mounted Kicktrigger (low budget)

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  • DIY Side-mounted Kicktrigger (low budget)

    My old Roland kicktrigger broke, so I needed a new one.
    Fortunately I had some DIY stuff in my shed, so I decided to try and make a kicktrigger myself.
    I also wanted to reduce the bouncy feel of the Silentstroke

    Stuff used:
    - Some L-profiles
    - Sandblock (foam)
    - Piezo wired to a jackinput
    - Double sided tape
    - Old seat cushion (to reduce the bounce)

    Had to adjust the sensitivity to 10 on the TD9.
    Works like a charm!

    The Sonitus Kicker was already in the bassdrum for dampening

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    Looking good!

    Your pictures remind me that I still need to add better wires and jack-connectors in my DIY triggers, instead of wires tapes together.......
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