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Hi-hat controller for Megadrum

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  • Hi-hat controller for Megadrum

    This is still in project form (bottom plate is from Ultimate Stand packaging) and magnets scavenged from hard drive are affixed to chain by magnetic force. The cable is attached with Baomain #6 fork terminals (left over from car audio project). It's working great plugged into the Megadrum hi-hat controller input. The A1302 sensor was purchased on Amazon in a 10 pack for just a few dollars. A drummer came over for a session and played it for a few hours without problems. It's a low end Ludwig stand.

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    Looks good. Im in the process of designing my hh controller now, pretty much using the same parts as you. Just bench testing at the moment but im excited how sensitive the control feels with the magnet.....cant wait to get it rigged up to my stand. Should be a great improvement to the go edrum controller ive been using.