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Sharing the tennis ball riser I built today

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  • Sharing the tennis ball riser I built today

    Hi. I just wanted to share a riser I built today. I have no holesaw, so I decided to follow the idea from Stephen Clark and use some kind of foam instead of making holes in the wood.

    I used:
    • Two pieces of MDF 10mm 1200x600mm (~16 EUR)
    • Pipe insulation foam, glue, screws (~13 EUR)
    • 9 tennis balls (~9 EUR)
    • 2 washing machine mat (60x60cm) (~20 EUR)

    Total: 58 EUR

    I used the Artengo TB110 tennis ball which is a tennis ball developed for kids to learn to play tennis, so it bounces less than a regular tennis ball. My understanding was this ball absorbs more the impact than a regular one, which I thought could be a good characteristic for a drum riser.

    Unfortunately, the riser it's a bit wobble, so I think I will either add more tennis balls or change the type of the tennis balls I used to regular ones.

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    I think I would try more round the edges as there are big gaps. You are not really compressing them either as you are not sat on the riser. Quite like the idea though as it can be much smaller.
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