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Rim silencer and tama starclassic hardware?

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  • Rim silencer and tama starclassic hardware?

    Hi guys. I'm about to start purchasing parts for my DIY conversion and i am planning on using my tama starclassic kit. Now i was going to purchase the pintech silentrims but then i remembered that the starclassic hoops are a different shape..

    Would the Pintech silentrim still work? Or is there a better brand for the starclassic rims?


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    Personally I don't like black rim silencers. I just used transparent fish tank tubing. It's available in different widths. I ended up using 6mm soft tubing with 8mm harder tube on top of it. i silences the rim acoustically, but keeps rim triggering accurate.
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      Interesting.. And you never had issues with it falling off?


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        I use Drum-Tec rim silencers on my Superstar Hyper-Drive Maple kit (has die cast hoops), but you're correct that they don't quite fit right due to the fact that the hoops aren't flanged inward... Maybe pintech, but I do like Viperr's point about maybe using fishtank or some other tubing for a clear look...
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          I have a vintage imperial star a to e conversion. I use clear hosing as well. I think it is 1/8 ID and 3/8 OD. I had the black rim silencer and hated it. I found it bulky, unnatural feeling and killed the sensitivity of my rims. The water line tubing is so much better. It looks great, feels more natural to hit and keeps rims sensitivity. It also cuts the sound just as well imo. The rim silencer is harder rubber and the tubing is softer and just has a more appealing sound to me. Plus i donít have to wack it as hard.


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            have the pintech silencer on my snare. prefer the look of it to the clear as it better matches the roland pads i'm using for my toms. though it doesn't stay on the shell very well at the ends where both tips of it meet, stays fine on the rest of the drum
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