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PinTech practice pads for Conversion, worth my time?

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  • PinTech practice pads for Conversion, worth my time?

    Hey... first post!

    Looking at DIYing some of the PinTech XT5P's into some dual-zones.

    Reading a few reviews online with mixed results - it sounds like the main issues are stick noise and dead feel. Perhaps adding a sheet of rubber over them would help fix these.
    One review mentioned issues with the hats - drilling some air holes would fix that.

    Does anyone how just how flimsy they are?

    Any thoughts on whether these are worth converting?


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    I used these for my first DIY cymbals. They work great for that but do not compare to real cymbals if that is what you are looking for. They are a bit flimsy but, to be honest, they work just fine. I would order just one and try it for feel and strength before you do any conversion.That way if you do not like the feel then it's little money lost. BTW you can find these cymbals really cheap used on Ebay.


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      Cheers - yeah good point, I think I'll do that.
      I live on the other side of the world so "cheap" on eBay often includes shipping prices which are more than the product itself!


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        i have several of these, if you want to buy from me i give you good deal PM me and i send photo