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DIY Opportunity w/ Monitor/Amp

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  • DIY Opportunity w/ Monitor/Amp

    I've been messing around with various drum monitor/amp configurations, and hit on something that I think would be a good idea. I might undertake it as a DIY project...

    Picture a floor monitor/amp that is shaped like and would be placed where the kick drum normally goes. Furthermore, you could integrate the kick drum piezo into the face of the monitor such that you rig up a kick pedal to it just like you would an acoustic kick drum.

    I imagine it could be designed to be a lot less deep than an acoustic kick drum, so you don't lose the advantage of the v-drum (space efficient). Plus, I think it would look cool.

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      isn't there a guy who built a speaker and his module into his kick drum? can't remember if i saw that on here or on another forum?
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        Yes it's possible and has been attempted before!

        EBDV (Electronic Bass Drum Voice)

        Another thread about putting an 18inch driver in a bass drum here

        I too, had this idea hit me years ago and I got pointed to these threads at the time, it's nice to finally return the favour lol!

        Mark Steele was apparently was one of the first creators to successfully create one of these, years ago - but his website is down now.

        I think it ends up becoming so ridiculously heavy that it undermines the point of doing it imo, but maybe the tech is more practical nowadays.
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          Internet Archive to the rescue...

          And following where the patent number leads...

          So I'm not totally out-to-lunch on this one. It hasn't been shot down as a completely dumb idea.

          Although, I think it's a bit much to build the sound module into the kick. I'm thinking I could tear down my Yamaha MS50DR and, basically, just build a new kick-drum-shaped enclosure for it. We'll see.
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              Very interesting. One problem is the speakers face away from the drums. I would still need something that directly faced me. I liked the hi hat idea although I think he could do with a better sounding module for all that gear.
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