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3D printed v-drum trigger help.

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  • 3D printed v-drum trigger help.

    Hello forum. I have 3D printing pieces to make my first v-drum. I've printed all the pieces for the first drum. It's based around an 8 inch mesh drum head I ordered first. I ordered a Pearl mesh head which I've read isn't the best mesh head or even a middle of the line head but I didn't want to go all-in on a nicer one until I figured this out.

    The print is scalable so I can print every drum size as I expand but my focus is on this first one.

    I'm now at the electronics stage and looking for guidance on what type of trigger system I should use. To be honest, I only knew about the triggers that sit in the center with the foam cone on top. I didn't realize there were other types. So, I designed the drum to have a plate in the middle where there will be a piezo and cone.

    The above said, I would be interested to know other types of triggers and if they would be more beneficial in my design. I also don't know how to make a secondary trigger for the rim and when I make a snare I assume I will need even more triggers (?) I don't know. My focus is on this one drum right now that I would like to have a head trigger and rim trigger. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Lastly, I don't have a brain or drum machine as of yet. I realize this may or may not sometimes determine trigger types. As of now, my plan is to just go through an arduino to my PC rig running Addictive Drums. The PC was built for recording and editing. My friends and I play and record often using Presonus Studio Pro 4 and for the record I'm not a drummer. I'm a guitarist.

    My son took up drums a year ago and this will ultimately be a gift for him.

    I thank you for your time and appreciation all the constructive help you can give.


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    99% of edrum triggers are $1/1/1 piezos. Whether they're mounted on the side, rim, edge, centre, you name it. (you can also use FSRs - but that's a bit more involved)

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      Thank you. I was able to scoop up 30 of these piezos for just few dollars. You weren't kidding about them being cheap.

      I have a center plate to mount the trigger for the drum head but I have a couple questions:

      Is there a reliable method and material to create foam cones or should I just buy them?

      Lastly, how do I add a second trigger for the rim. Like, where does it get mounted and so forth?

      Thanks again for your help.