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DIY 2 zone cowbell - is it possible??

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    Do not confuse a membrane switch with an FSR. FSR = Force sensitive resistor - it is capable of picking up different amounts of force. Membrane switch = on/off switch, no detection of force variation.

    Generally speaking the way drum modules work is to utilize the piezo as the force sensor, and a membrane switch is used on other zones to instruct the module as to the location of the hit - when the switch is hit, it triggers just before the piezo (by fractions of a millisecond) so tells the module to use the edge sound but use the single piezo to detect the force of the hit - it's a shared sensor, you don't need one per area/zone, and that's not how the Roland modules work either.

    We (Myrk- Instruments) have had quite a few people make dual zone cowbells using our 8" membrane switch, with the edges cut off to fit. I believe that's how Gear drum did theirs (we supply Gear drum for switches - it was a a few years ago me and Andreas were chatting about the cowbell). Just think of a cowbell as a dual zone cymbal that doesn't swing around.
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      Iíve got one of your 14in switches that Iím about to put on my a to e hi hat. Itís next on my list of projects.