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Please tell me what's wrong with my A to E snare.

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  • Please tell me what's wrong with my A to E snare.

    About five years ago I did an A to E kit conversion with Quartz triggers and a Roland TD-9 module, one edge-mounted and one rim piezo per drum, and it went great. Pretty much plug-and-play. Long story short, had to sell all my stuff.
    Now I'm back in the game and trying to convert a 14" snare, also with Quartz triggers and a different TD-9 module.I'm trying for three edge-mounted head triggers and one on the shell for rim.
    My problem is the head triggers volume is just soooo low, especially compared to the rim. I have to crank the sensitivity up to 32 (max) and it's still not great or as loud as the rim trigger. I've tried wiring them in series and parallel (according to my understanding). I've tried it with only one edge-mounted and one rim trigger hooked up and same result: low volume from head trigger. I'm using Roland Powerply heads. I can not for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong this time.
    So if anyone could please take a look at my pics and point out what I may be doing wrong or suggest anything I would really appreciate it! Thanks.
    PS The wiring is a MESS right now as I haven't finalized it while I'm trying to figure this out.

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    Try it with one piezo 1st. It is possible that the polarization of th epiezo's is different. this will cause one piezo to eliminate the signal from another. Also make sure the connections are solid. Just twisting some wires together can lead to increased resistance, and cause signal loss.
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      As Viperr said, try 1 piezo. (Side-mounted)

      If that doesn't help, you can even try to eliminate the cone.
      Let the brass side of the piezo touch the head, and place some foam under the piezo.
      This requiers some tweaking on your module, because it's far more sensitive than with a cone.

      I triggered my toms this way and the dynamics are great.
      (And I also use the TD9 module for triggering)
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