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Will hot melt glue damage the drum/cymbal material?

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  • Nitebytes
    Many thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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  • perceval
    Hot glue on rubber will not damage the cymbals... if it sticks.

    Either that or the red 3M double side tape is pretty strong as well.

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  • Will hot melt glue damage the drum/cymbal material?

    Hi all,
    i hope this is DIY enough for this channel.

    I'm looking to add EL Wire to my kit for a bit more of a light show. I'm using blutac to hold the wires in place right now, but it doesn't hold for long while playing, so I was thinking to hot glue the wires to my cymbals and drums (they're PD8 pads, the black gummi ones) but I don't want to damage or break the pads