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About to convert this TAMA kit to e-drums

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    will these female phone jack long enough to mount in the vent hole of the drums? thanks.


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      Originally posted by tivi View Post

      can you show your result? thanks .. pads and L80s cymbals ... there is a L80s cymbal pack on facebook market for $400 with 18" china
      I used a steel C-channel for the cross-bar. It comes in 36 and I cut it to size (about 1 shorter than drum diameter. The platform for he piezo and come is a square ceiling blank. I used 5/16 bolts and nuts to set the height of the platform to ensure the top of the foam was about 5mm above the bearing edge. Wired it up to a barrel TRS jack into the air vent. Painted it all matte black. Works great!
      As for heads, I already put holes in my 1-ply mesh heads from Pearl. I bought 3-ply heads from Billy Blast and they feel great. Havent put them to the test just yet but my first impression is that Im gonna love them.
      The cymbal jacks are working great so far now that I secured them a little. These are a combination of L brackets, a small TRS jack, some sanding block foam, a piezo, and some electrical tape. I screwed these with lock nuts using M4 screws and placed a piece of rubber between the cymbal and bracket to avoid metal-on-metal contact.
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