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New Snare Drum Design ... thoughts before i build please!

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  • New Snare Drum Design ... thoughts before i build please!

    If this idea has been posted before I apologise, I couldn't find it ...

    So I love the positional sensing of a Roland snare. But I also like the lack of hotspots in designs like the ATV with it's three sensors. So I am thinking of building both in one drum .... centre sensor provides positional sensing, three outer sensors for strike volume. The physical build should not be a real issue ... but module settings and MIDI are more interesting.

    Note: I only use my TD-20 as a trigger to MIDI interface only - triggering Superior Drummer 3. I also use Agean R Series cymbals so these are mic'd up (2 x overheads and a spot mic for the hats) and put into Cubase (along with the SD3 VST) - so have spare inputs.

    To keep my snare/rim/rim-shot capability I would plug the three outer sensors and rim sensor into the snare input (as though I'd just used an ATV snare). Then the centre positional sensor to another input (e.g. Ride) that has positional sensing and set the CC to that of the snare drum. So, in theory, I get all the benefits of both worlds.

    Now my real question: Will the MIDI data stream work OK? Or will it see them as separate events or the wrong order (i.e. the CC for position arrives after the hit - so affects the next hit!)? It is a similar idea to HiHats (two separate MIDI streams - Controller and Pad - but I understand that is a continuous CC stream).

    Any thoughts?
    DAW: Cubase. VST: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 3. Roland: TD-50, PD140DS, CY18RDR, 2 x CY12RC. Yamaha: 2 x PCY155, 3 x TP65. DIY A2E: Pearl Export - 22" Kick, 10"/12"/14"/16" toms, 14" Aux snare, two DIY Octobans, 20" Gong drum ... and a Cowbell.

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    If you are using a PC for sounds I believe you can use note and velocities signals from external sensors and CC only ones from the central one, IDK if it is possible directly from VST or you need a midiconverter hw/sw app in the middle.
    BTW this is an interesting solution, I had something like that in mind already, using MegaDrum but now I think I could make it work also connecting to my TD-12.
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