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  • microDrum piezo pad

    Hi everyone, I am putting together a homemade electronic drums, after a lot of research I found the microDrum project, at first this seemed well produced and with enough functions, as I went deeper I realized that a lot of information is missing, the documentation is weak.
    I was able to install on the Arduino, mount the circuit with the multiplexer, I can run the setup program, I can receive the data in the program.
    But I was not able to use anything related to VST in it, I always get an error, so far I have not had any audio output from the system, and I have not yet worked with a standard MIDI port, I hope I have no problems. The MIDI signal is what interests to me.
    The site cites "DrumScope" but there is no instruction, I can not get it to work.

    Anyway, I think the biggest problem at the moment is the pads.
    They are giving multiple shots or they are so slow that they lose beats, I can not find the sweet spot.
    Because of the lack of instructions I do not quite understand what each of the configurations does.
    I started to get worried about the construction of the pad itself, I'm using a training battery as a base, for each pad I put sponge on it, then a steel plate and then a rubber.
    The piezo was glued to the steel plate.
    I am worried that this steel plate is the problem, because it is very heavy, it is around 220g.

    What do you think?
    Thanks any help or info.
    Thank you very much.

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    Where did you find info on microDrum? All I could track down was the Github link and it seems like it's been a few years since any update. Posts here from a year or two back also seem to indicate it's more or less "dead". Stuff like that can get very frustrating.


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      I can only say that I started to follow that project, even rewrite a website for it at and a project at github, ending without the minimal support from Massimo to get it work after I spent money and time on it, I can only say avoid that stuff and buy a MegaDrum instead.
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