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Clamps for an 0.88" tube?

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  • Clamps for an 0.88" tube?

    I got started on the cheap by using an old Ion non-MIDI kit (6 hard rubber pads) with a Drum DDTI.

    I'd like to add a mesh pad or two, but am stalled because I don't know how I'd mount them on this rack.

    The tube diameter is 0.88". I'm interested in some of the Alesis/Roland/Pintech mesh pads available at <music auction site>. Anyone have a recommendation for clamps/brackets that would fit this arrangement?

    Also the kick drum pedal is just a switch so it doesn't work at all. Looks like Pintech makes an affordable trigger you can just attach to a kick pedal.

    I can't build this up too far without crossing the point at which I coulda/shoulda bought an Alesis Nitro Mesh. What's keeping me in check is the thought that I really won't be spending a ton of time using it. Eventually I also think that getting a real hi hat and cymbal or two is probably easier than sweating all the hassle of trying to get triggered items to sound more realistic.

    This setup is only for home recording.

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    OK, I tracked down these Gibraltar clamps that claim they'll go down to 0.5" so that seems fine. Just need to choose the rod diameter for the Alesis/Roland pads. Anyone know what diameter those are? [hint: I think they are 9.5 mm, Gibraltar clamp SC-LRAC available for $25 at <major commerce websites>
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