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Spitting inputs - not for piezo, but for rim switch

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  • Spitting inputs - not for piezo, but for rim switch


    I don't know if this has been asked before, a search did not show any answers. There is this sticky in which is explained how to make a splitter so 2 single zone piezo pads can go into one input on the module.

    But... I was wondering... I have the older Hart Dynamics Ecymbal II crashes (not the metal ones). These pads are dual zone, but only in a way that you can use the rim switch to grab the cymbal and choke the sound. With Roland pads (and the newer metal ECymbal II's as well I think), you can really hit the edge and have the edge sound.

    Would it be possible to have 2 dual zone crashes, let's say the 2 CY-14's, have them both via a splitter on one input on the module and use on each cymbal the edge (rim switch) sound?


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