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Alesis DM6 Sensitivity Improvements?

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  • Alesis DM6 Sensitivity Improvements?

    Hey guys,

    I was hoping I could get some input on some ideas I have.
    I'm not a drummer, I'm a guitarist but woanted to learn so I picked up an Alesis DM6 in a pawn shop impulsivley.
    That was a few years ago & I've beaten the crap out of it. I had to just to get the thing to trigger.

    So far I've replaced the inputs on every pad & that's worked quite well but it's still not very good.

    I want to do two things: Increase the sensitivity of all the pads & make the kick drum compatible with a double-bass pedal (It kinda works but it's not solid)

    I'm thinking of adding extra piezos with parrallel wiring, so instead of having just one central piezo on the tom, I'd have five. Would that work?

    Though with the kick drum I have no idea how to improve it, perhaps I can buy another at some point but would rather avoid this.

    I'd rather not sink any money into another kit, like I said I'm not a drummer (yet), my goal is to enjoy the DIY process more than anything.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.