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Pairing RT-30K with 22" Mesh Head

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  • Pairing RT-30K with 22" Mesh Head

    This is my first go-round with a drum conversion. I'm focusing only on my kick at this time. Of all the devices I've read into, the Roland RT-30K appears to do me the greatest service for the price. I haven't bought one yet, but it's sitting in my Amazon cart. I'll be using it with the TD-17 module. Now to choose the right head.

    I am a sane individual, so I won't be splurging for the Roland. Silent Stroke looks like a good option but I've read complaints about them being too bouncy and causing multiple triggers with each hit. Loosening the head or lining the inside with foam, to me, seem like obvious remedies. But maybe they aren't. The complainers I encountered never chimed in about their resolutions, which is why I'm here.

    Any help choosing a mesh head or pointers to make mine a seamless experience would be hugely appreciated.


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    I use Prism 3 ply mesh heads for my bass drum and ufo bridge trigger and I am really happy with it.