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Building a new E drum kit from scratch

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  • Building a new E drum kit from scratch

    Hello all, So I am new to E drums and currently building a E kit. To start of I tried to add some electronic elements to my old acoustic kit. I bought a KD 7 and 3 PD 5's, to run it all I have a TD-3 module. I wasn't really happy with how it turned out so I let them sit. 4 years later, I have an itch. Just recently upgraded my acoustic kit after 25 years, and well I can't play it as often as I like because of neighbors and kids. So I am planning on upgrading my electronic parts to build a kit. I just bought an oversized E kit rack, PD 120 for snare, FD 8 and CY 5 combo, and another KD 7 for double bass. This at least allows me to practice somewhat functionally. Eventually I plan on upgrading the PD 5s to PD 105 and 120s. I could go on and on about the specifics of the cymbals and pads but my real question is, which module should I go with? I am looking at the TD 10 or the TD 20 (either one of them would have the expansion) To anyone out there who has experience with both, what would you recommend? I am so conflicted because of the money and the options of VST. Would it be worth it to buy the TD 10 use VST and dealing with on board sounds when needed(with the money saved thinking of SD3 for VST) or is the TD 20X worth the extra $400 to $600 and strictly use the on board sounds? Sorry I have rambled on for a while, I have been really going back and forth with these two ideas and would appreciate any input. Also if anyone has any suggestions on pads, cymbals, or if I am making some dumb mistakes, please let me know. One last note, I know I probably should have just bought a used full E kit to begin with, but the way I am doing it works financially for me and I feel like I can get a custom Roland kit in the end. Thanks.

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    So you can read through my journey Mac's A2E Project, and there might be some tidbits that interest you? I will say, while I approached my project with a pseudo budget, I did weigh out quality stuff vs. cost. In the end, my final kit is what I imagined and I'm very happy. I did do some trial and error with minimal amount of cost.

    I would suggest plan out your entire kit. Number of toms, cymbals, stands, racks, etc. Then start pricing 'used' out and get a feel for median costs.
    I knew I wanted the TD-30 at the time, because it just consistently praised as the best out there.

    Have a plan and adjust accordingly.


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      then i would choose a TD20x .. TD10 is becoming pretty old now.. (higher latency, display problems on horizon..)
      i would also glue some foam pads on the 2 KD-7's.. (w. double sided tape.. on the trigger rubber) i remember they were pretty noisy without ..
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        If you'll be using your kit exclusively at home, I would suggest getting a used/cheaper drum module and buying SD3 or another drum VST package. It's the cheapest way to get good quality sounds - better than most modules, even at the high end.

        On another note, if you're after any more links/resources to help with your project, I've compiled a list that I used to help me, along with a walk through of my a to e conversion at the link below - something to consider as making your own kit tends to work out cheaper than buying off the shelf pads.
        Learn how to build your own eDrum kit with off the shelf parts. Improve the playability of your eDrums with realistic sized drums for a fraction of the price of comparable Roland or Yamaha drum pads.