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Cones,Piezos or Both!!!!

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  • Cones,Piezos or Both!!!!

    Have had my Roland V Session stored for some years. Just set it up and noticed my drums:
    2 PD-100s
    3 PD-120s
    have lost their sensitivity!. The cones seemed to have shrunk, is this normal? I know the cones need to be replaced, but should I replace the Piezos as well?
    Oddly the bass drum, cymbals, high hat and PD-8&9 seem fine.

    I notice a company online named Convertible Percussion's sells both or should I get the official Roland Brand?

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    Only the cones. The Piezo's don't deteriorate over time. Cymbals, PD8&9 don't have cones so therefore you don't have an issue with them.
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