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Just finished my first a2e setup

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  • Just finished my first a2e setup

    So to start I am a guitarist. I bought an alesis nitro a few months ago because I got tired of mapping drums with superior drummer and thought screw it I'll learn to play drums. Then I decided I wanted to do an a2e kit. I bought some shells from a buddy and set to work. Mind you I have no frame of reference for how any of this should feel. The setup is

    14 in. Snare
    16in floor Tom converted to kick
    2x 12 in rack Tom's
    14 in converted floor Tom
    alesis nitro module and cymbals made the triggers using 27mm piezo for every thing except the bass drum that's 35mm.

    It looks rough right now but I wanted to get everything working before making it pretty.

    Everything works pretty decent. Only problem is the module sucks and the kick drum is weird. I can play heel to for crap on it after being used to the drummer alesis kick tower.

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    Look great - awesome work! The kick is always a tricky one to get feel right. All my AtoE's have required a little trial and error for dampening of the kick drum to deaden the bounce to a point that plays and feels about right.


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      I've rarely played on acoustic kits so it's hard to have a frame of reference for how they should feel. I did stick a pillow and a blanket in it and it helped a little