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Odd hotspot on A2E snare

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    Originally posted by sascha View Post
    Definitely try dampening that guy. And yes, try another pad or mesh, just to have more data to play with.
    I tested both my KD-9 and PDX-100 pads from the Roland kit I bought. The decays were around 10 ms.

    Back on my A2E snare I tried pressing my hand on the head while striking it but the decay didn't change.

    How would you recommend I try to dampen this head? You had mentioned before about a ring of foam around the outside. What specifically should I get and how would I go about installing or affixing it?

    Sweetwater said they can special order me a Roland MH2-14. Would you recommend trying that or something like the DrumTec real feel?

    As an update: I bought the Ufodrums ebridge for the snare and installed the conical trigger almost center. The waveform and decay didn't change. So I think you are probably right that it's the head.

    I went back to the InTrigg and the triggering is pretty good. I don't hear any mistriggers or double triggers. I built my own crossbar out of 1x3 and mounted the InTrigg about 3" from the shell.

    I'm not unhappy with the triggering. If I had to run with this setup but now I'm curious about the waveform and what impact it might have and how I can improve it.

    Thanks for all your insight and help.


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      Originally posted by billgtx View Post

      Back on my A2E snare I tried pressing my hand on the head while striking it but the decay didn't change.

      Try holding the shell. Since nothing else seems to work, I still think it's the shell resonating.
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        When it's the shell then the decoupling cushion between mounting joint and the piezo needs addressing. But as said, this also affects dynamics range and can cause bounce. Try different cushions (different foam types/material & thickness) and check the waveform (amplitude change & ripple after initial attack).

        I personally rely on these 3-ply mesh heads MusicStore Germany sells as OEMs. They're equivalent to the stock ones I once got for my MarkDrum kit, and they're the same as BillyBlast Ballistech. Their internal damping is very high (means they're pretty dead).
        I made bad experience with RealFeel, but that's mainly because the layer on the underside isn't even enough for the 4-point triggering on my pads (MarkDrum pads have digital pads with onboard processing, and the RealFeels drive their positioning sensing mad...).
        On my DIY 16" kick drum I'm using a Remo SilentStroke bass mesh. It has quite some decay without additional muffling, and that's where I have the foam ring all the way around, with a cut-out right where the (DIY) side trigger resides. That Remo works great btw., at least is quite sensitive and doesn't have any hotspot on its own.
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          Thanks Viperr and sascha.

          I'll see what I can find to use as a foam ring. I also realized I have a 10" tom and a PDX100 pad. I think I can swap heads and see how the waveforms look.
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            I took the 10" tom and PDX100 and viewed the waveforms. I'm using the Triggera InTrigg lug mounted. The PDX100 waveform took about 10 -15 mSec to stabilize (not to flat, but very low). The A2E 10" tom took about 30 mSec.

            So I swapped heads. Interestingly enough there wasn't a significant change in the waveforms. The A2E tom with the Roland head did improve, but not by very much. Maybe 25 mSec or so to stabilize.

            This lead me to think it was the shell so I did a couple of things. I tried hitting just the bottom mesh head. Couldn't get a signal worth looking at. Took the bottom head off and pretty much hugged the shell as tight as I could trying to reduce vibration. Waveform didn't change. Now I'm suspecting the actual trigger itself.

            But before I go too much further down this rabbit hole, I've decided to take a step back, put the drums back together and just play them. See if I hear anything out of the ordinary - mistriggers or double triggers or missed triggers.

            I started this thread because I had a weird hotspot. I've moved the head trigger a little close to the center and there is still a little hotspot near the 12 o'clock position, but not as bad as before. I think I can live with this.

            Thanks for all the help! I might revisit this sometime later, but for now, I'm just going to play.
            TD-25KV, Yamaha DXR15, MG10. Senn 280HD.