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TD-17 KV Upgrade

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  • TD-17 KV Upgrade

    I'd like to upgrade my TD-17 KV, by adding VH-10 hi-hat and maybe change cymbals to ones from TD-17KVX. Is this possible and if yes how would I do it?
    Will appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes, just buy the new pads, plug them in, and then in the module you can go to the settings section and change the pad type. It will then adjust the pad settings for you to one that is suitable for the new pads.


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      Thank you very much.
      There is one more question, if you please, KVX has 3 cymbals and KV only 2.
      how would I plug third one in?
      I apologize for so many questions, but I'm very new in this.



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        There is on extra Input for exactly that cambal, you just Need a cable.
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          You can use any Roland pad with your td17 module even if it's not listed in the pad setting. I still use 2 pdx6 from my td11 kit for my td17 module and works fine. You may have to adjust the sensitivity if needed. You can also use the crash 2 input or aux input to add cymbals or pads. Check the aux setting when assigning pad or cymbal.