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Retaining bottom hoop without a skin

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  • Retaining bottom hoop without a skin

    I have just completed an AtoE conversion and want full access to the underside of the drum so don't want a bottom skin (also helps keep the acoustics quiet). However I want to retain the look of the drum so want to keep the bottom hoop.

    - I don't want to put on an old skin and crudely cut away most of it
    - I thought about putting springs on the tension rods but I think there will be too much movement perhaps

    I then spotted these, but it looks like they are no longer available. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Buy some clear vinyl tubing from Home Depot and cut into 1/2" or so segments. It will fit over the lug screws and serve as spacers. Only costs a few dollars and is barely visible.

    Credit goes to Vdrum Tips - I saw this in one of their videos.
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      I just got bottom heads (cheap ones which came with the kit) and cut them out around 5-10mm in from the edge. Used a plate to get a perfect circle and cut with a sharp utility knife and it looks great. It retains enough of the head to mount the hoop correctly and will give you full access to the inside of the shell. I found a tiny bit of high pitched resonance with larger (14") toms, but a small patch of tape or a gel fixed that instantly.
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        Thanks all. I will try butchering an old head first to see how that goes. I didn't realise I would be able to get away with a 10mm edge to be honest, so I guess it won't look too bad. I like the idea of the tubing too. I was hoping for a really neat invisible solution.